Investing in Community Impact

If you have an idea for improving things around you, with a new device or a different process, we’re prepared to make a seed or early-stage investment to help make it happen.

At the core of the venture,
a shared attitude.

Diversity matters.

Gender, ethnicity, age, community… To us it’s not a differentiator, but a source of sharp insights into needs and opportunities.

Community matters.

“It” has to make a positive difference to your community. It could be a new benefit or relieve an existing pain point. A thing or a process.

Sustainability matters.

“Leave it better than you found it” is the metric. The difference your idea for a product or a process makes to your community may not come at a cost to our environment that cannot be repaid.

Digital matters.

But it’s not a must. If your idea flies, leveraging technology to broaden its impact beyond your community only makes it more powerful.

Kathrin Jansen

Connecting ideas and people. That’s my passion. So is putting over a decade of international experience in creating partnerships across the public and private sector to work on achieving change through entrepreneurship at the community level.

Dr. Thomas Jansen

Over 30 years in software engineering, a PhD in computer science, and leadership positions at Silicon Valley startups and a Big Four tech company have shown me how technology can be an enormous multiplier for good ideas. And that impossible doesn’t mean it can’t be done.